Have you heard of colour psychology? We are all subject to the influences and effects of colour emotionally and mentally. While there are slight variations in interpretation, perception, and meaning, the use of colour for mood enhancement and therapy has been growing in popularity.

There are many ways you can transform the atmosphere of your home using colours, from walls to decorations, and from furniture to curtains, you can adjust the mood of each area by choosing the colour to match the space.

As curtains form a large part of your home, this is a great place to start without having to strip all your walls bare and commit to a full-scale repaint job. Simply updating your window treatments can instantly refresh your home, and there’s a versatile and economical range of materials available to choose from.

Selecting the colours

How do you go about selecting the right colour for each space? Let’s look at some common colours that are associated with certain emotions or moods:

  • Red: passion, confidence, desire
  • Orange: socialisation, welcoming, motivation
  • Yellow: brightness, joy, optimism, vibrancy
  • Green: peace, tranquillity, fortune
  • Pink: romance, quiet, calmness
  • Purple: creativity, opulence, wisdom, mysteriousness
  • Blue: serenity, focus, sincerity
  • Brown: steadiness, natural, trustworthiness
  • Black: strength, intelligence, boldness
  • White: pure, simplicity, freshness, innocence

You might want to choose white to suit your kitchen area to portray cleanliness, and green for your living room for tranquillity. The advantage of colour therapy is that you can customise each space based on your needs.

Selecting the type of curtains for each area

When you have decided on the colour to match each space, you can then customise the type of curtains for the windows. There is a wide range of materials, textures, thickness, and patterned designs of each colour scheme. For example, you may choose to have blockout curtains in blue for your bedrooms, and have double-layered sheer curtains with green patterned drapes for the living room. Or perhaps you may wish to use velvet materials to match the purple colour for added luxury. The combinations are endless so you can pick and choose until you have found the perfect mood for your room.

Transform your home with Curtain Trend

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