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Curtain Trend EcoWood Blinds 400x250 - OUR BLOG

Stylish Window Solutions – EcoWood Binds

When redecorating a room, or adding décor to your new home, an element that can truly tie a room together is the blinds or curtains. At Curtain Trend, we understand that you have many window solutions available to you but we truly believe that EcoWood blinds are as...

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Soft Roman 400x250 - OUR BLOG

5 Easy Steps To Creating The Perfect Nursery

One of the most exciting times for soon-to-be parents is the chance to create and decorate their new baby’s nursery. This can be a special bonding moment for you and your partner just before your baby arrives. However, the pressure to make sure your baby’s room is...

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Curtain Trend Panel Blinds 7 400x250 - OUR BLOG

Everything You Need To Know About Panel Blinds

Are you looking for a sophisticated solution for your window treatments? Have you considered panel blinds? They are a modern and chic solution for windows that are on the larger side, bi-fold or even patio doors. They are incredibly versatile and you can even use...

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Curtain Trend Zero Gravity Roller Blinds 400x250 - OUR BLOG

Zero Gravity – the Next Generation of Roller Blinds

Introducing another innovative window treatment product – the Zero Gravity blind - transforming roller blinds into light and effortless operation, a new design with many applications whether it be commercial or residential. Zero Gravity is a world’s first technology...

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Curtain Trend Vision Blinds 400x250 - OUR BLOG

Vision Blinds Now Available at Curtain Trend

Liven up your windows with Curtain Trend now being a stockist for the innovative product - Vision Blinds! These stylish and modern blinds feature the combination of two layers of translucent and opaque fabric that are horizontally striped, which allows you to control...

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Curtain Trend Custom Made Curtains Gold Coast Curtain Fabrics Blog 400x250 - OUR BLOG

Fabric Types for Curtains

One of the benefits of custom-made curtains is being able to select the fabric that suits your needs and style. Apart from typical outward appearance attributes such as colour and print, you can also assess the feel, texture, and how it drapes and gathers when it...

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Curtain Trend Custom Made Curtains Gold Coast 400x232 - OUR BLOG

Choosing between Blackout Blinds vs Blackout Curtains

Blackout window treatments are often chosen to provide privacy and maximum light blockage, and are perfect for certain spaces such as media rooms, nurseries, or simply allowing occupants a good night’s sleep in bedrooms. You can choose from blackout blinds, or...

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Curtain Trend The Many Benefits of Curtains 400x250 - OUR BLOG

The Many Benefits of Curtains

Feeling the chill this winter? Did you know, having the right kind of curtains installed can help keep the cold air out and can cut down on heat loss in your room by up to 25%? Not only will you feel much warmer, this can also improve energy efficiency. Hanging...

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