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Colour Therapy – Transform Your Home with Curtains

Have you heard of colour psychology? We are all subject to the influences and effects of colour emotionally and mentally. While there are slight variations in interpretation, perception, and meaning, the use of colour for mood enhancement and therapy has been growing...

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How to Pick the Perfect Blinds for Your Home

Window blinds are a timeless favourite for any home; not only are they practical and easy to operate, but they also require little maintenance and suit a wide variety of spaces. When it comes to choosing a suitable blind, there are several considerations. Check out...

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Why you should choose Roman blinds for your windows

Wanting to add a designer feel to your window treatments? Roman blinds can be the perfect choice being a versatile and practical option with a touch of sophistication. You can completely transform your home with Roman Blinds, and they are well suited in almost every...

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Using Sheer Curtains to Enhance Your Home

Are you looking for creative ways to refresh areas of your home? An easy and affordable way to make quick upgrades in your home is by simply hanging new curtains! Sheer curtains have recently surged in popularity as an alternative to the more traditional, heavy...

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The Reason We All Love Outdoor Alfresco Blinds

No matter what the seasons may bring, having a good set of indoor and outdoor blinds to shield you and your family from the elements across Australia is invaluable. Now that we are well and indeed in summer mode, you might be looking for canvas or mesh blinds to...

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Louvolite Roman Blinds with a Modern Twist

A traditional window dressing. Roman Blinds have gained popularity in recent years as a stylish and contemporary window covering option. Now you can even add a modern twist and a touch of luxury with the Louvolite range. Innovative Fabrics Gone are the days of dull,...

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The Benefits Of Lining Your Custom Curtains

If you have purchased custom curtains in the past, you will know that more often than not, you have the option of purchasing an inner lining attached or sewn into them. Why is that might you ask? Well, it may come as a surprise that something as simple as an inner...

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Motorised Curtains: A Convenient Solution

At Curtain Trend, we listen to your feedback and know how you enjoy the finer things in life. With that said, did you know we now offer a wide range of motorised curtains to make your life just that much simpler. I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to know more…...

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