Introducing another innovative window treatment product – the Zero Gravity blind – transforming roller blinds into light and effortless operation, a new design with many applications whether it be commercial or residential.

Zero Gravity is a world’s first technology in the roller blind and shade category, it is designed to be perfectly balanced so that it feels weightless in operation. The weight of the Zero Gravity spring is designed to perfectly offset the weight of the blind over the entire range of travel. You can raise or lower the blind by simply urging the base rail up or down by hand with a light touch, the blind will stop precisely and stay in position. Zero Gravity has three modes of operation: Chainless, Chain Operated, or Motorised, and can suit blinds of any width or weight.

Chainless – this is perfect for families with children, or childcare facilities required to adhere to child safety standards. Blind cords and chains are a common child safety issue, and Zero Gravity can provide a cordless solution giving the peace of mind by removing the hazard, without having to resort to other costly motorisation options.

Chain Operation – the addition of Zero Gravity technology to blinds that use chains can transform the operation to almost effortless, no matter how big the shade. This is perfect for the elderly and those with limited mobility as it only requires a light touch to guide the blind up or down, making it an ideal option for nursing homes and aged care facilities.

Motorised Operation – if you prefer motorised blinds, the Zero Gravity technology can also be easily motorised to suit your needs. The perfectly balanced spring technology allows blinds to be motorised with only a small capacity DC motor, even for large blinds. Batteries can also last up to 10 times longer as the motor is only required to do minimal lifting when used together with the featherlight balanced technology.

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To take advantage of this innovative blind system and technology, come and visit our showroom to see the range of colours and fabrics available, whether it be for your new home, your family, or for your commercial needs. The applications are endless with the Zero Gravity operation technology. Try it for yourself!  You are also welcome to take our samples home to view at your leisure.

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