When it comes to decorating a minimalist space, the most important thing to consider is striking a balance between form and function. Custom-made roller blinds offer the perfect balance between decor and functionality, making them the best option for minimalist interiors. They offer protection from the sun’s heat and glare with the bonus of easy draw and roll-up.

Did you know that the right fabric on your window blinds can modernise the style of your windows while also providing light control? That’s why we’re eager to introduce the line of Australian-made and coated roller blind and curtain fabrics from Wilson Fabrics.

Custom Design Curtains & Blinds

Wilson Fabrics specialises in high-quality window furnishings, woven, coated and speciality blind and curtain fabrics, as well as providing drapery and blind fabrics to tailored curtain and blind retailers like Curtain Trend.

Wilson Fabrics earned the licence to use the Australian Made logo in 2010 for their superior blind fabrics and personifies everything the logo stands for: trusted quality, dependability, and the promotion of local economies.

How Wilson Fabrics Product Line Can Add Colour To The Minimalist Space

The minimalist trend advocates for simplification and a return to basics. Minimalist design is often quite soothing because it uses muted colours, practical furnishings and carefully selected accent elements.

Depending on which fabrics you select from Wilson’s line, such as translucent or blockout, you can choose to keep it neutral with eggshell and stone, or feature an unexpected colour like a sophisticated pink lemonade or moody art deco designs that add interesting accents to a minimalistic space.

Adding a splash of colour to an otherwise monochromatic scheme is a common practice among top interior designers as it creates a balance and harmonious contrast.

Functional Benefits Of Blinds As Window Furnishings

There are many practical uses for blinds beyond their aesthetic appeal. Depending on the type style of blind, you can expect:

  • Better insulation from the elements and noise
  • Comfort and privacy while still achieving improved airflow
  • Adjustable light levels
  • Exterior blinds can be fitted with durable material to protect glass from the elements
  • Interior improvement the humidity-resistance of your glass
  • Inhibit the flow of air through the space between the cells, preventing heat and cold transfer

Why Choose Custom Window Blinds Over Pre-sized Blinds

Pre-sized blinds have the disadvantage of not necessarily being a great match for your property. Pre-sized blinds only exist in a selection of standard sizes that match standard modern window proportions. It’s possible that the windows in your home won’t fit standard blind sizes if you have an older house, arched windows, skylights and bay windows.

Custom blinds are your best bet for a perfect fit in any room, regardless of the window or door style. Wilson Fabrics’ custom blinds allow you to choose the perfect colour palette to complement your home’s interior decor or concept.

Combine Form With Function In Your Minimalist Space Today

Curtain Trend is an Australian family-owned business based on the Gold Coast established over 25 years ago. Our name has become synonymous with high-quality and custom-made roller blinds, vertical blinds, shutter blinds and panel blinds and more. We market to institutional and retail investors, as well as hotels, motels, backpackers, builders, body corporations, commercial ventures, and the general public.

Looking for high-quality custom-made roller blinds? Try the Wilson Fabrics product line! You’re welcome to stop by the Curtain Trend showroom and get expert guidance for any project. Come equipped with the dimensions of your windows for a same-day quotation, or get in touch today.