Wanting to add a designer feel to your window treatments? Roman blinds can be the perfect choice being a versatile and practical option with a touch of sophistication. You can completely transform your home with Roman Blinds, and they are well suited in almost every area or space, from the living room to the kitchen and your bedrooms.

Find out why Roman blinds are increasingly popular nowadays:

Extensive Range of Fabrics

Roman blinds are great for featuring a wide range of patterned fabrics. From classic choices such as the simple bright and coloured shades to floral or stripes, the possibilities are endless for adding a decorative touch to any area. Different types of textures also allow you to alter and create atmospheres, such as softening a room with lighter fabric or providing more privacy with a heavier texture.

Space Saving and Neatness

Roman Blinds are perfect for any size windows from narrow to wide, and their neatly folded appearance complements tight spaces to allow for space-saving while not getting in the way of other furniture. They are also great for rooms with multiple windows by grounding the space. They provide an alternative to curtains which may make the room appear too cluttered or busy.

Customisable to Suit Your Budget

If budget is of concern, you can select more affordable and economic fabrics to suit your needs and still be able to create a modern, contemporary look while keeping costs down. Roman blinds are the happy medium between the more expensive options and the cheaper Venetian or roller blinds, giving you the flexibility to work with a range of decorative styles without breaking the bank.

Energy efficiency

Not only are Roman blinds decorative, but they can also help insulate and reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your windows, making them more energy-efficient for your home, and you can save on your electricity bill.

Freshen up your space with Curtain Trend’s extensive range of Roman Blinds! We are your window covering specialist committed to providing personalised service to the local South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales community.

We can customise different fabrics and size for all your windows, from light filtered to brighten up space, textured fabrics to give a rustic style, to full block out for privacy and energy-saving benefits. You can also have your new Roman blinds fitted with child safety chains to ensure your family’s safety, or consider motorisation for easy controls and added luxury.

Feel free to visit our showroom and bring in measurements for a quote while you’re here. You can also take fabric samples with you to match the interior of your home.