With the arrival of the new year 2022, it’s time to look at what’s new for fresh ideas and trending colours. Pantone recently announced their Colour of the Year for 2022 – “Very Peri”, and now is a perfect time to refresh the look and atmosphere of your home with this beautiful hue, starting with your window treatments.

Let’s look at Pantone’s Very Peri that can help you create calm and dreamy spaces.

What colour is Very Peri?

Very Peri is said to be a colour that “encourages personal inventiveness and creativity^”. It is a gorgeous shade of periwinkle blue with a violet red undertone. Periwinkle fits with the Futurity Trend, along with the theme of positivity and looking toward the future. Very Peri represents the future with the growing interest in technology and the digital age, a perfect fusion of modern life with a joyous and spritely attitude.

Modernise Your Home

Very Peri is the perfect colour to incorporate into your space for a contemporary, modern look. The blue from Very Peri induces a calming effect, while violet and lilac tones represent wellness and aids in relaxation with a touch of a futuristic mood. You can complement other similar shades throughout your home to feature this trend colour. Explore palettes such as:

  • Jaipur Delft
  • Bendigo Indigo
  • Plush Lilac
  • Lore Indigo

Promote Creativity

Very Peri can also be used to promote our creative spirit and imaginative expression, with the tones of red and blue that make this colour versatile in pairing. You can also incorporate richer and deeper tones to contrast a light lilac shade, or pair with jewel tones to create a more impactful look that sparks creativity, uniqueness, and a dreamy fantastical mood. Check out:

  • Cleo Cobalt
  • Augustus Eggplant
  • Orleans Lavender
  • Hamana Konsho

Tranquil Spaces

The purple aspect of Very Peri brings not only a sense of calm and wellness but also promotes positivity and encouragement. You can implement a touch of purple and lilac into your décor in addition to your window coverings, such as a simple vase or cushions. Neutral or light shades combined with textures such as sheer and velvet fabrics can create a softer, peaceful, and serene look. Check out colours such as:

  • Mystere Purple
  • Beachcomber Amethyst
  • Theodora Lilac
  • Lustrell Charisma Sky

We hope that 2022 is a brighter year where all your interior dreams and inspirations come true. Very Peri is the ideal shade for creating unique, modern spaces that promote positivity, calmness, and dreaminess. For more ideas on how you can use this trend colour in your window treatments, come into our showroom and let us help you design your brand-new 2022 look.

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