Curtains are a versatile form of window treatment with an endless variety of textures, colours and patterns to suit any home. Taking care of your curtains will extend its durability and keeping your home feeling fresh.

If you notice your curtains are getting dusty, sticky, or need some freshening up, first check the care instructions on the fabric and follow them carefully. Here are some additional tips to also help you with the cleaning:

Type of Fabric

Not all fabrics are the same, if the instructions require hand washing, use cool or lukewarm water and add mild detergent only. Hang dry without twisting or wringing will help retain its shape. Some fabrics may not even need to be ‘washed’, such as velvet which can be gently brushed with a cloth.


Discolouration particularly applies to white sheer or lace curtains, as dirt or mould can cause permanent discolouration on the fabric. Set a reminder to wash them regularly, even if they don’t appear to be dirty. Soaking with a gentle whitening agent before washing will help with keeping them fresh and white.

Gentle Wash

As Curtains are exposed to sunlight for extended periods, the fabric may weaken over time. Use only gentle or delicate machine wash cycle with a mild detergent to ease the strain on the material. Hang dry instead of using a heated dryer.

Drying your Curtains

We recommend you hang your curtains back on the track whilst they are still wet. Place some old towels underneath them on the floor to catch any access water drips. Once hung, open your windows and plug in your fan to help assist the drying. By adding this step to your care regime, will help your curtains dry back to the correct shape.

Special Considerations

While many curtains are now made with washable materials, if they come with delicate stitching, pleats, or have lining attached, these might not withstand a washing machine. Lining may shrink, stick, or become distorted, and stitching may pucker. In this case, dry cleaning will be a safer option.

Clearing Dust

You can extend the period between washes by also clearing dust regularly. This can be part of your home cleaning routine, by using the vacuum cleaner set on low suction setting and a brush nozzle. It is also easier to wash your curtains if dust is not ‘stuck’ on the fabric to start with.

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