Recycled fabrics and tapestry are not commonly associated with curtains, interior decor or home design. It is a relatively new concept to many homeowners and business owners alike because we think of opulence and luxury when we think of curtains. But there is a growing demand for recycled drapery, as many consumers find themselves moving to greener and more sustainable lifestyles. And when updating your space, you might be curious how you can benefit from installing eco-friendly curtains on the Gold Coast.

Recycled materials and products are often stigmatised as poor quality, cheap-looking and simply tacky. However, we can assure you that this is no longer the case in the curtain industry around the globe. There have been major advancements, and fabrics these days feel rich, soft and are deeply coloured.

Curtain Trend can help provide more insight into this option by exploring the advantages of our Maurice Kain Desserts & Forests Collection.

Reducing Your Waste

If your waste contribution to the planet is a significant factor in buying green products, then recycled drapery is an ideal fit for your home or office. The range uses recycled polyester, derived specifically from used bottles and various packaging. As the process of producing these curtains is drastically reduced to the use of recycled polyester, the overall carbon footprint is decreased too. You can have peace of mind knowing that your curtains have been designed for the betterment of the planet.

Buying For The Future

Recycled materials suffer from the misconception that products won’t last as long or that the quality deteriorates over time. However, the Maurice Kain range is designed for durability. This is an extremely beneficial feature for hotel owners, who do not want to keep replacing their curtains every two years. The range will not fade or break down in any way and has a five-year guarantee.

Adding Value To Your Space

Sustainable curtains can add even more value to your motel than you may realise. While they will reduce your carbon footprint, are competitively priced and can be used to enhance your rooms, they are also practical. The recycled fabrics are useful in regulating temperatures too. Depending on your purchase, you can add a lighter lining for warm months and a thicker one for colder months.

These days, environmentally-conscious curtains and blinds are superbly crafted, keeping up with current trends and making a design impact. The Maurice Kain collection offers several textures to choose from and unique colour combinations to revive your space, all available from us.

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