Feeling the chill this winter? Did you know, having the right kind of curtains installed can help keep the cold air out and can cut down on heat loss in your room by up to 25%? Not only will you feel much warmer, this can also improve energy efficiency.

Hanging curtains correctly is proven to  increase the level of insulation in your home whether it being in winter or summer and also improves your level of privacy, light control, security and sound control.

However, not all types of curtain fabrics are suited to insulate. For example, sheer, lace, or lightweight cotton fabrics will not be able to provide the barrier and protection needed for your windows against the elements. You will need to add a separate blockout backing to get higher efficiency in maintaining warmth in your interior spaces if using these types of fabrics.

Types of curtains to keep warm:

Thermal blockout curtains prevent cold air from entering the room when you close the windows at night. We have many visually appealing options and designs to suit your taste, budget and style. 

Curtain installation tips:

For added protection hang your curtains higher and wider than the window frame, further preventing heat loss and the outside cold air from entering in on our cold winter nights.

Curtain Trend are specialists in internal window coverings on the Gold Coast with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We have options to suit every budget and every style.

We custom make a wide range of quality curtains using reputable brands such as Charles Parsons, Gummerson, Hoad, JW Design & Florence Broadhurst, and many others.

Visit our showroom for professional advice on your project whether it is big or small. Bring in your window sizes or house plans for a quicker quotation. Or give us a call on 55800222 to speak with our friendly staff to see how we can help you today!