Automation Motorisation

Motorisation and Automation

Save time from manually opening and closing each window covering in your home by automating them.

Move them with a remote control or your voice or utilize your smart devices to operate them remotely or instantly.

Use Siri, Alexa or Google to voice control your window coverings using your phone, smart watch, tablet or smart speakers.

Battery operated, rechargeable motors offer the latest technology without comprising quality.

Battery powered motors are a perfect alternative for motorisation where power is not an option.

Battery levels can easily be checked with a simple gesture using your remote control. The blinds or curtains will open or close to where your battery level is, for example, closing half way means you have half battery power left.

Automation can be controlled remotely with your smart devices giving peace of mind for all weather conditions or to look like someone is home when you are not, giving added security.

The Automate push button remote control comes in either 5 or 15 channel and is available in stylish Gloss white or Matt  black finishes. Easy button control, lighting up at the press and offering group channel options.

Automate technology allows for motorised curtains up to 11 metres and to wrap around corners. If you are closer to your curtains than your remote or smart device, automate gives the added benefit of manually activating your curtains by gently pulling on the drape, then the motor will take over and complete the task of either opening or closing.

Automate battery motors come in 1.1 nuton or 2 nuton, whilst DC do 3 nm up to 6nm and come with an impressive 5 year warranty and plenty of technical support.

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