Custom made Panel Blinds

Panel glide blinds are a beautiful statement for a window covering and are best suited for ranch sliding doors. They come in a range of fabrics from light filtered to full blockout from our reputible suppliers and the fabrics can be matched with roller blinds or roman blinds. Your Panel glide blinds come as ezy style with a back aluminium batton or plantation style with front wooden battons or just plain. Your new Panel glide blinds come standard with an aluminium tracking system that is controlled by a simple wand system. We have filtered blinds which maintain a degree of privacy and light control. The ever popular sunscreen blinds which will give you uv protection with day time privacy while allowing full outside view and quality full blockout panel glide blinds all custom made to your window sizes and requirements. The blind sizes are used as a guide only. Upon your purchase we will email you an order form for you to fill in and return to us so we can customise your blinds to fit your window sizes exactly as you require. Samples are available on request or you can visit our home page and view the range direct from our supplier’s websites.

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