By 2025, it is estimated that we will have polluted our oceans to the extent that there will be more pieces of plastic in our waterways than fish. An astounding 80% of water debris is made of plastic, and plastic releases microparticles into the oceans that hurt birds, fish and even us via the food chain. The good news is that recycled polyester fabrics reduce the number of plastic bottles filtering into our oceans and contribute to a healthier, safer world.

At Curtain Trend on the Gold Coast, we are proud to announce that we now offer eco-friendly, recycled polyester fabric from which your custom-made curtains can be crafted! Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful fabric.

What Is a Recycled Polyester?

Recycled polyester fabric is made from plastic bottles and packaging. This waste is cleaned and collected before it is broken down into small pieces that are then melted down so that colour dye can be added to the liquid mixture. The coloured liquid plastic is then spun into yarn, which is then woven into beautiful, durable fabrics that will not only elevate your home’s look but help the planet!

Our recycled fabrics comes in sheer and solid materials that can be used to create your eco-friendly custom design.

Is Recycled Polyester Less Durable?

While ensuring this material is eco-friendly, much time and effort also went into making sure it would stand the test of time. This stunning material will last as long as other materials and will not degrade over time.

Is Recycled Polyester Less Colour-Fast?

The recycled polyester material ranges that we can offer you at Curtain Trend are rigorously tested and maintain their colour for as long as can be expected. The beautiful shades that this material comes in, ranging from lovely neutrals to a colour lover’s dream hues, will maintain themselves for years to come.

Having your gorgeous new made-to-measure curtains made from this eco-friendly fabric will not only help protect and preserve the planet, but it will also look great!

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