At Curtain Trend, we listen to your feedback and know how you enjoy the finer things in life. With that said, did you know we now offer a wide range of motorised curtains to make your life just that much simpler. I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to know more…

Motorised curtains may not be the first thing you think of when furnishing a room, but motorised curtains may be life changing for the way that you and your family live.

At Curtain Trend, we are your motorised curtain experts. And in this article, we highlight some key benefits that motorised curtains offer.

How Motorised Curtains Work

All of the motorised curtains offered by Curtain Trend work off a remote-controlled motor that has a pulling capacity of more than 50kgs. The curtains are easily opened and closed with a remote control, or by the Acmeda-Neo app that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone. If you’d like to draw the curtain by hand, simply disconnect the motor. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Why Motorised Curtains?

Motorised curtains may seem like a bit of an unnecessary luxury, but trust us, they have many advantages and uses that you may not have even thought about, including:

  • High windows – There is nothing quite like curtains that go all the way up to the ceiling for the ultimate grande’ look but it can make it tricky to draw the curtains, if not sometimes impossible. This is where remote control curtains offer an ideal solution and make tall curtains easy to close.
  • Child friendly – Motorised curtains are completely child safe as there are no chains or cords that could pose a danger to young children or pets.
  • Better security – Remote controlled curtains can be placed on a timer making it look as if someone is home even if there isn’t anyone at home, thus adding value to your home security.

Our Range Of Motorised Curtains

Every style of  curtain in our range can be motorised, providing you with a luxury experience in every room of your home. We are easily able to fit and install a motor onto any of our custom-made curtains

Convinced about our motorised curtains? We’re sure you are! Browse our online catalogue or get in touch with our expert team to make your curtain dreams come true today.