One of the benefits of custom-made curtains is being able to select the fabric that suits your needs and style. Apart from typical outward appearance attributes such as colour and print, you can also assess the feel, texture, and how it drapes and gathers when it comes to customising your curtain fabrics. The finished look of your curtains based on fabric type can make a great difference to the overall ambiance of your room.

Typical fabrics for curtains

Fabrics that generally are suitable for curtain making are designed to be used for frequent operations of opening and closing with extended durability. They tend to have higher thread count and heavier weight than garment fabrics. The extra density also allows the curtains to hang and drape well. Popular choices for such fabrics include linens, cotton, polyester, silks or faux silks, velvet, satins, and other material blends. Each has a unique feel and characteristic that adds a personal touch to your window treatments.

Sheer fabrics for curtains

Another popular fabric choice is the sheer fabric curtain which offers some degree of privacy while providing light, and can be used as a decorative layer together with other window treatments or as a stand-alone curtain. Sheer fabric choices include polyester transparent sheers, laces, and other loose woven fabrics. These lightweight fabrics add a delicate and romantic touch to the décor of your room, and are excellent as a starting point when it comes to custom-made curtains.

Linings for curtains

Lined curtains offer more insulation, can completely block light, and resist fading compared to the typical heavy weight curtain fabrics. Linings can be made from cotton, special blackout fabrics, or other specialist insulation materials. Lined curtains have more body and are perfect for bedrooms or commercial guest rooms, adding a professional look while offering privacy in additional to helping with sound proofing outside noises in busy areas.

You will find that the possibilities are endless with the types of fabrics available to create the perfect finish on your windows! Experiment with samples of different textures, colours, and weight to find the right combination for your needs. Here at Curtain Trend, we supply a range of select tried and tested quality fabrics for your custom-made curtains. We are happy to offer you a quotation based on your own sizes and also provide you with free samples to ensure that the product meets your requirements.

Come in and visit our showroom for professional advice on your custom-made curtain project, no matter how big or small. We are a family owned and operated company with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing quality curtains locally here on the Gold Coast. Laybys are also welcome instore with a 30% deposit and balance or payment plans to suit your needs. Why not visit us to get started today: 2/165 Old Pacific Highway, Oxenford. Or call: 55800222 for more information.