Are you looking for a sophisticated solution for your window treatments? Have you considered panel blinds? They are a modern and chic solution for windows that are on the larger side, bi-fold or even patio doors. They are incredibly versatile and you can even use these blinds as room dividers.

What Are Panel Blinds?

Just in case we’re introducing you to a new blind concept, panel blinds are a clever curtain design which looks like large panels of fabric that have the ability to stack together nicely when opened. This design allows for maximum light being introduced into a space. These panels are easy to work with, look very stylish and you’ll have increased privacy, reduced glare, and the ability to control the brightness in any room.

How Will They Look?

Just like your typical fabric curtains, panel blinds come in an array of styles, prints and textures. The right blinds can transform any space thanks to the contemporary look that they bring, as well as a sophistication that would suit any office space.

Put your creative hat on for a minute and imagine what combining different tones together, such as plain with patterned colours, or alternating shapes for a statement look. The options are endless, and you can have limitless fun with these fold-away fabrics.

Whilst panel blind curtains may seem inflexible due to the solid look that they can portray, you can opt for a split or side draw panel blind to fit the exact shape of your windows.

How Creative Can You Get?

Get ready for a few quick tips to spark your creative side. The versatility of panel blinds leaves you with a vast array of usage options.

Contemporary Blind

For example, one panel blind arrangement you may choose for your space could be a contemporary blind to make an impact and to add a little something different to your room design. As mentioned earlier, the flexibility of panel blinds means they are capable of producing a sophisticated look for lounge rooms, family rooms, media rooms, bedrooms as well as commercial spaces and offices.

Bi-fold door coverings

Installing modern bi-fold doors doesn’t need mean you should compromise on privacy. Panel blinds are the perfect solution to any difficult-to-cover door. They work perfectly with a wide expanse of glass panels but are also ideal for smaller glass spaces. Whether they are stylishly draped over smaller sections or extravagantly flowing over larger areas, panel blinds have the ability to transform any space to make a major visual statement.

Room dividers

Why not go for a more modern look and feel to your living area or office space. Consider transforming areas into a private oasis by installing stylish panel blind room dividers. The vast array of fabrics and textures available means you will be able to find a style you can tailor to your specific design.

Curtain Trend Panel Blinds 5 - Everything You Need To Know About Panel Blinds

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