In our increasingly urban and noisy world, tranquillity can be hard to come by. Thankfully, the pioneering technology of Acoustic Fabric by Basford Brands, now available at Curtain Trend, is here to infuse peace and quiet into your space.

Understanding Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric is ingeniously designed to mitigate echo and reverberation within a room. Its unique construction and yarn selection allow it to excel at absorbing sound. While it doesn’t entirely soundproof a room, it significantly enhances the quality of sound within a space by decreasing echo reverberation.

Sound Absorption Simplified

When we speak of sound absorption, we refer to the measure of energy extracted from a sound wave as it travels through a certain thickness of material. With its sound-absorbing capabilities, our acoustic fabric refines the sound quality within a room.

Proven Performance

We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure the acoustic prowess of our fabrics. We engaged an engineering firm to measure their Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) under the ISO 10534 Part 2 standards. This assessment quantifies the amount of sound a curtain will absorb. A value of 0 signifies no sound absorption (similar to concrete), while a value of 1 signifies complete sound absorption. Our acoustic fabrics boast an impressive NRC of 0.66, indicating they absorb a high amount of sound, leaving less to reverberate within the environment.

Ideal Environments for Our Acoustic Fabrics

The versatility of our Acoustic range allows it to suit both residential and commercial spaces perfectly. Here are a few areas where our Acoustic fabric can truly shine:

  • Bustling family homes with children and pets
  • Homes with lofty ceilings
  • Dedicated home offices
  • Dynamic restaurants and bars

With a triple weave base that ensures exceptional draping capabilities, choosing Basford Brands’ Contract Acoustic Fabric is the most uncomplicated and cost-effective method to enhance indoor sound quality.

Introducing Phonic and Audible

Phonic and Audible are our two top-tier acoustic fabrics, both available in 10 distinctive colours. Phonic comes in 160 cm width, and Audible in a generous 320 cm width.

Made out of 100% ultra-durable Polyester and boasting a subtle triple weave linen look, Phonic and Audible seamlessly complement both traditional and contemporary decor styles.

Safe, Easy Care and Durable

Our Acoustic range isn’t just about the serene ambiance; it’s also about ensuring safety. The fabrics have been tested and achieved a Fire Retardant rating under AS/NZ51530.2 & 3. Plus, the Acoustic Range is hand-washable (Care code 4), making it a practical choice for spaces of all kinds.

Incorporate the Acoustic Range into your space and experience a notable difference in sound quality. Browse through our selection today and embark on your journey towards a more peaceful interior environment.