Curtains can elevate and enhance any room, and they also have the power to make a room fall flat.

Have you found what seemed to be the perfect curtain for your home because it looked beautiful on the shelf or display but did not translate well into your space at all?

This is a common experience among those who are redecorating their spaces. The truth is, what works well in one situation may not be the best fit for yours. If this sounds familiar, you know just how inconvenient it is to start the process all over again.

If you’re wanting to find the perfect curtains for your Gold Coast home without all of the fuss, you’ll want to try our Curtain Visualiser.

The Curtain Visualiser

We’ve recently rolled out our Curtain Visualiser feature that helps you visualise how various curtain options will look in a space just like your own. With this feature, you can explore many different fabric options and styles with ease.

Instead of hanging curtains up and down to try to design different interior themes for your space, you can try different ideas at the touch of a button. Our tool makes it easier to see curtains in various rooms and a variety of colours and styles.

How To Use The Curtain Visualiser

While this tool sounds advanced, it was designed to make it easy for customers like you to use. We want to make your curtain shopping experience as straightforward as possible, so we placed a focus on functionality and user experience.

To use the visualiser, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Curtain Visualiser

To open the Curtain Visualiser, either follow this link or manually go to our website, a box will appear which says “Try Our Curtain Visualiser”. Go ahead and click on that red button.

2. Select your “Window Type”

Select your “window type” from top left drop down. Select the option that best suits your project, from various options such as Bay Window, Casement Window, Fixed Picture Window, Floor To Ceiling Sliding Doors and French Doors.

3. Choose the best matching room view

Now that you’ve selected your window type, it’s time to select a look that best suits your room for your project from the top middle button near the top.

Scroll through the options available and click on the photo that best fits your needs. Consider things like your background, flooring, wall colours and more when making the decision. It’s not that it should match exactly, but that the room features are similar to yours.

4. Have fun with the swatches

Now it’s time to have fun with the swatches! Scroll through the swatch options available and take screenshots of your favourite ones, using the fabrics and colours drop down options.

Next Steps 

Once you’ve identified a few swatches that interest you, use our chat feature to reach out to one of our team who will happily assist you by sending you some curtain sample swatches or you may come into our showroom and collect some samples that you can take home and check the colours and textures in your own time.