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The big question for your new home or renovation.


Curtains and blinds make the biggest impact for change in a room next to Paint.

They both can add height, ambience, softness, colour and that homely feeling.

Window coverings would be one of the most important decisions you need to make to complete your new look.


You should consider hanging your curtains high below the cornice and extend past the frames where possible. This will create the effect your ceilings look higher, your windows wider and your room much bigger.

 There are only 3 lengths curtains should be.

  1. Below the sill when the sill is eye height or waist height. We recommend 150mm lower than the sill.
  2. Floor length or just above, not touching or dragging the floor. We recommend 10mm from the floor.


Draping the floor or puddle. Pudding over the floor is a very feminine European style best with quality thicker fabrics which drape delicately. Not recommended where small children are present.​


There is quite a variety of blinds to choose from these days.

Roller blinds are ideal in most situations as they are rolled down when you need privacy or sunlight control and when not required, rolled up neatly out of the way thus not obstructing any views.

Should you require daytime privacy and sunlight control plus also night time privacy, then you have the option of day/night blinds giving light filter, day time privacy + full blockout and night time privacy.

Roman Blinds are a stylish alternative to roller blinds. They look great up or down. Roman blinds can be cord, chain or motor driven and are partitioned by aluminium battons which gives them their contemporary folds.

Like roller blinds, Roman blinds can be made from sunscreen fabric or blockout fabrics depending on your requirements.

Panel Blinds are the modern alternative to vertical blinds. Panel Blinds can be made from blockout fabrics or screen fabrics depending on your requirements. They are fantastic for large ranch sliding doors and can also be room dividers. These blinds can be plain or they can have battons included to match your roman blinds should you have windows and doors in the same rooms. Panel blinds are controlled by a wand system.