Getting custom-made curtains can make a huge difference to the quality and calibre of your windows.

Curtains and blinds can be so much more than just a way to control light and provide privacy. While using different window treatment options and styles to elevate a room’s atmosphere is nothing new. More and more interior designers are finding ways to combine different styles to create innovative window treatment creations that maximise the potential of a space and make it feel truly unique.

Well-crafted window coverings can truly enhance a room and give it personality by playing with light and shade in interesting ways. In this regard, one of the hottest trends in window treatment design that is on the rise involves combining sheer curtains with coloured backings.

The Benefits Of Combining Curtains

The combination of the sheer curtains with coloured backing curtains can create a striking contrast while also finding a beautiful balance between simplicity and complexity. The sheers convey a soothing softness that is countered and accented by the crisp colours of the backing curtains which also accentuates the patterns and textures of the sheer curtains.

A key part of this design trend is the use of colour that ensures that the window doesn’t just blend into the room but becomes an eye-catching feature, made all the more prominent by the light shining through the window.

Achieving Style

With this kind of design philosophy, a wide diversity of styles can be achieved through the innovative use of colour and pattern combinations.

Whether you’re going for a beach-inspired look, a modern sleek style, or perhaps a more rustic feel, the range that this curtain and sheer combination can bring, really just comes down to the imagination. Using a splash of bright colour can bring life to a space, and using curtains is increasingly being viewed as one of the best ways to do it.

Count On Curtain Trend To Lift Your Home

At Curtain Trend, we specialise in helping our customers find the right look for their homes or commercial spaces.

We want you to feel like your window treatments are unique and true to your style and taste, so we will work tirelessly with you to ensure that your vision can become reality. Our friendly consultants can help you find the right combination of colours and textures to bring the best for your windows.

No job is too big or too small. Whether you’re looking to cover one window in your home, or you want to fit an entire hotel with an array of stylish window treatments, Curtain Trend can supply whatever you’re looking for.

To get help in making your windows pop with style and class, get your custom-made curtains here on the Gold Coast. Come into our showroom in Oxenford and chat with our friendly team today.