Blackout window treatments are often chosen to provide privacy and maximum light blockage, and are perfect for certain spaces such as media rooms, nurseries, or simply allowing occupants a good night’s sleep in bedrooms. You can choose from blackout blinds, or curtains, depending on your needs. Here are some considerations when it comes to selecting between blinds and curtains:

Overall Design

Based on the interior layout and design of your room, and location of your windows, you may find that blinds are more suitable due to its contemporary appearance, versatility, and can suitably contribute to the overall styling scheme of the room. However, if you’re opting for a more luxurious or bolder look, or wanting to add a decorative touch, curtains will allow you to be more creative with a wide range of colours, textures and patterns.


While curtains can certainly help make a statement in your overall design, it can take up more space in your room. If space is an important factor, consider choosing blinds that will require less space being installed on the inside of the windows. However, if you’re looking at reducing noise, then the softer materials in curtains are better suited to absorb outside noise. Consider the orientation and size of your room before deciding whether blinds or curtains will better suit your needs.

Cost and Maintenance

Generally speaking, blinds are more affordable than curtains. However, you may also find that certain types of curtains such as ready-made curtains will still suit your budget and needs. Good quality curtains are also more durable if you’re considering long term use. Blinds are usually easier to clean and maintain although many types of curtains are also available that can be machine washed nowadays. Proper care and maintenance will prolong the life of your window treatments whether you choose to install blinds or curtains alike.

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