Searching for the ideal window treatment but couldn’t decide between blinds or curtains? It is possible to have the best of both worlds, by pairing curtains with blinds to make a stylish and unique statement. Let us show you how:

Choose Your Blinds

It would be helpful to choose the blinds first, which will go behind the curtains. Think about the type of blinds and colour, such as roller blinds, Venetian blinds, shutter blinds or folded roman blinds.

It is best to select a solid, simple colour to give more options with colour matching when it comes to choosing your curtains.

Choose Your Curtains

Next, when you select your curtains, you can add a touch of creativity and character depending on the atmosphere and mood of the area. If your blinds are in a solid colour, then the options are limitless with the choice of curtains, you can try to pair complementary colours, create a contrasting theme, or even add a bit of fun with patterns and prints.

Adding Accessories

Once you have paired your blinds with curtains, you can customise other features and accessories such as curtain rods and rings, pelmets, trims and tassels. However, try to keep in line with the theme and atmosphere and don’t go overboard with over accessorising which may cause the window to appear cluttered and messy. Sometimes simple is best.

Layering Curtains

The fabric and style of the curtains can make an impact on the overall feel of the area. Sheer curtains create a crisper and more relaxed feel, while heavier fabrics can add a touch of elegance and luxury. You can even try layering or bunching curtains for a slight change in mood and privacy depending on the time of day or occasion.

Tailored Flexibility

When done right, the opportunities are endless and you’ll find that the flexibility of having both blinds and curtains is worth the effort. For example, you might have blocked out curtains in a bedroom, but want to maintain some privacy while allowing sunlight in during the day. In this case, a shutter or Venetian blind would be a good match to allow this flexibility.

Get your Blind and Curtain set at Curtain Trend

Want to get started in pairing curtains with blinds for your home? Whether you already have blinds installed and just want to liven up your space, or start from scratch for a redesign, Curtain Trend has you covered.

We have an extensive range of blind fabrics as well as an impressive range of stylish curtain fabrics that you can have fun with choosing your new look.

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