Do you have a busy family home with kids, pets, and lots of noise? Or perhaps you’re dealing with sound sensitivity, and looking for options other than costly installations of acoustic panels, window glazing or speciality flooring?

Introducing the Acoustic range of curtain fabrics by Maurice Kain. With over 80 years of experience and rich history in design, innovation, and development, Maurice Kain is proudly Australasian owned and managed and is firmly established as one of Australasia’s leading wholesaler of soft furnishing fabrics.

The Acoustic curtain fabrics are made out of 100% ultra-durable polyester, with a subtle triple weave linen look. The draping capabilities are excellent and using the Maurice Kain Acoustic range is by far the most cost-effective and simplest way to improve your indoor sound quality.

Traditional and Contemporary colours to suit any space

Both the Phonic 160cm and Audible 320cm acoustic fabrics will look fantastic in traditional or contemporary settings. With a choice of 10 different colours; including Carbon, Charcoal, Slate, Ash, Shell, Natural, Linen, Nutmeg, Stone and Woodlands.

Superior Sound and Noise Reduction

Acoustic fabrics can significantly improve the quality of sound within any space given the benefit of sound absorption. This range has achieved a high coefficient of NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.66, scientifically tested for performance under the ISO 10534 Part 2. Although not completely soundproof, the acoustic fabric can significantly decrease the reverberation of echo, with a large amount of sound being absorbed through the thickness of the material, removing the energy from the sound waves thus leaving less to transmit into the surrounding environment.

Wide range of applications

Other than reducing noise in a family home, it can also be applied in home offices to help with focus, homes with high ceilings to reduce echo and reverberation, as well as busy restaurants and bars to provide a better acoustic atmosphere for patrons.

The acoustic fabrics are also tested to strict safety and fire standards to achieve a Fire Retardant rating under AS/NZ51530.2 & 3, making them ideal for other commercial environments. The high-quality fabric also drapes perfectly in any space creating a stylish appearance, while easy to maintain and hand washable if needed.

Get your Acoustic Curtain Fabrics with Curtain Trend

From the bedroom to the media room, the Maurice Kain Acoustic range can save you thousands of dollars by providing acoustic capabilities in any space without costly upgrades to your floors, windows, or the installation of bulky and unsightly sound panels.

Curtain Trend is your window covering specialist, serving areas of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Whether you’re planning a new home or just wanting to freshen up your living space, we can help. You can even pair your Acoustic curtains with sheer curtains to create the ideal look for your home. Come into our showroom and let us show you how.

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