One of the most exciting times for soon-to-be parents is the chance to create and decorate their new baby’s nursery. This can be a special bonding moment for you and your partner just before your baby arrives. However, the pressure to make sure your baby’s room is absolutely perfect can often take all the fun out of this activity.

To make sure you and your partner enjoy this creative venture together, here are 5 Easy Steps to Creating The Perfect Nursery:

1 - 5 Easy Steps To Creating The Perfect Nursery

Colour Is Everything

When people think of children’s rooms the first thing that comes to mind are vibrant, bright colours. But young minds are stimulated by bold and bright colours and by choosing warm, neutral or pastel palettes will help calm your baby which is beneficial for sleeping/napping time.

You Don’t Need Much Room To Have The Perfect Nursery

The truth is, babies actually don’t take up that much space. You don’t need the biggest room in the world to have the most stylish nursery. Accents of colour, timeless decor and clean lines in any size room and transform it from dull to dazzling.

Remember That Your Baby Doesn’t Care What The Nursery Looks Like

If filling the room with bold and colourful hot air balloons or exotic animals makes you feel like you have the perfect nursery, then do it! Many parents can get caught up in what their child may feel about it. Reminder: They are babies. They don’t actually care. You are going to be spending the majority of your time in there for the first few months so it’s imperative that you are happy with it.

Childrens Fabrics - 5 Easy Steps To Creating The Perfect Nursery

Texture Is Your Friend

Incorporating different textures into your baby’s nursery such as fluffy blankets, shag rugs and quilts, isn’t just great for your baby’s sensory stimulation and development but it adds a cosy and homely feel to the entire room.

Soaking Up The Sun Will Not Always Be Fun

It is vital that you can make your baby’s room night-like at any time of the day. In order to do this you are going to need high quality curtains/blinds. But your drapes don’t always need to be drab. You can use curtains to accessorise or accent your nursery by selecting decorative curtains that add colour and dimension to the room.

2 - 5 Easy Steps To Creating The Perfect Nursery

Curtain Trend has created a curtain line to help you add style and grace to your nursery. The new Storytime Collection embodies the whimsical ambience of a child’s imagination, while still bringing elegance and timelessness into the room. Combining bright prints and neutral, calming designs, this collection can truly decorate any nursery to perfection. With choices between contemporary designs like pastel gingham checks paired with stars and spots or classic and colourful hot air balloons, there is something for everyone in this collection. This collection has five designs stories: Fairy tale, Up Up and Away, Teddy Bear Picnic, Two by Two, and Big Wide World. 

With these 5 easy steps, creating a space that is just right for you and your baby should be a breeze. Let Curtain Trend assist you in creating the perfect nursery. Contact us today!